Thursday, May 16th


Participate in improvisation exercises to help you better connect with various audiences, and learn how to engage in a more empathic way. 

8:30-9:00 AM | Light breakfast

9:00-9:30 AM | Welcome to the Alda Center’s Science Communication Workshop

9:30-12:00 PMSee & Be Seen

12:00-1:00 PMLunch

1:00-2:30 PMDesigning a Vivid Message

2:45-4:45 PMJust a Minute (JAM) Session

4:45-5:00 PMReflection Routine & Wrap Up



Friday, May 17th

Begin applying new improvisation and communication skills to refine and practice presenting your work in a new and more engaging way.

8:30-9:00 AM | Light breakfast

9:00-10:15 AM | Context and Relating to Your Audience

10:15-10:50 AM | Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

11:00-12:15 PM | Talking to a Difficult Audience

12:15-1:15 PM | Lunch

1:15-2:45 PM | Stories of Science

3:00-4:30 PM | Practice to Perform

4:30-5:00 PM | Celebrating the Journey

"Communication is not something you add on to science; it is the essence of science."

- Alan Alda

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Are you a researcher, scientist, or clinician interested in communicating your message to others outside of your discipline? Do you find it challenging to share your work in a vivid and engaging way? If so, register to attend this world-class training hosted by APA and the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. This two-day event will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn, Denver Downtown in Denver, Colorado. 

For a limited time, APA is offering this highly valued training exclusively to members at a significant discount. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to craft communications intelligible to non-scientists
  • Solutions to common problems in public and peer-to-peer communications
  • Improvisational theater techniques to speak more vividly and expressively
  • And much more! 

The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University advances science and medicine through training in clear and vivid communication. They envision a world that recognizes the wonder and value of science, and value authenticity, honesty, integrity, collaboration, continuous improvement and commitment to excellence. 

During his 11 years hosting the PBS television series Scientific American Frontiers, Alan Alda realized that the conversational approach he took in interviewing scientists led to a surprisingly spontaneous and vivid presentation of their work. Using improvisational techniques he had learned in 50 years of acting on stage on on-screen, Alda devised The Alda Method™. Since 2009, the Alda Center has used this training methodology to improve the communication skills of over 10,000 scientists and throughout the world.

Recent clients include NASA, NIH, IBM, Harvard Medical School, Columbia University, Department of Defense, and other top scientific institutions. You can learn more about Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science on their website.


Will recordings or remote viewing options be offered?

No this exclusive content is only available to in-person attendees.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We recommend you bring a notebook and pen for notes, but nothing else is needed.

Will food and beverages be provided?

Yes, you will be provided with a light breakfast, full lunch, and all-day water, coffee, and tea.

Do I have to be an APA member to participate in this training?

Yes, this is an APA member-exclusive event. Want to become an APA member? Apply online!

How can I receive information about future communications trainings?

Click here to join our mailing list. 







"The Alda communication workshop was most helpful in getting me outside my own thin skin to be able to focus on my audience and their needs . . . A wonderful experience!"

"This was the best workshop I have ever attended, and having been a member of APA for more than fifty years, that is saying a lot . . . The quality of the instructors was outstanding. 


"The format was very powerful in teaching the material with wonderful and knowledgeable trainers. I would recommend [it] to every member of APA.


"This was the best course I've ever attended - tremendously practical, informative and a terrific opportunity to meet other psychologists from other parts of the field! Fabulous!"

"It was powerful and inspiring to gather at APA headquarters with such an accomplished group. Thank you for this exciting and informative course!"





This is an APA member-exclusive event. Not a member? Join now.