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This new publication features impactful stories of several PhDs/PsyDs who have made a course change and breaks down some of the practical steps required to do so.

Whether transitioning out of academia, entering the business realm, or switching to research in the private sector, these stories represent psychologists across disciplines who are reinventing their careers in compelling and sometimes surprising ways.



Career Transitions: 

Taking a New Path

Are you an APA member? Access the e-booklet here.

Are you an APA member? Access the e-booklet here.

You'll explore how . . .

- A human-factors expert is working on transportation’s most pressing safety issues

- A state legislator is moving the needle on mental health issues in Kentucky

The clinical director of a mental-health application is supporting marginalized communities

A psychologist is helping to develop digital-intake products that gather patient data in waiting rooms across the nation

- And much more!