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Workplace innovations spurred by the global pandemic have only just begun. Over the coming months and years, what we have experienced and learned, will impact the workforce in ways we do not yet understand. What is clear, however, is that psychology has a critical role to play in shaping this future. Our work is just beginning. 


You will explore how...

- Psychologists are driving innovations in hybrid work environments that empower workers to perform at their optimum.  

- Psychologists are helping organizations to make diversity more a part of their DNA.  

- Practitioners are meeting unprecedented demand for service, as people wrestle with the long-term effects of pandemic-related grief and anxiety.  

- The pivot to online teaching and research during COVID-19 is impacting psychology education and research. What could it mean for the future of academia?

- And much more!



Psychology and the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Are you an APA member? Access the e-booklet here.

Are you an APA member? Access the e-booklet here.